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Dani and Terese here, Founders of Business With Bliss. We decided to build this community of women to solve one big problem: at every turn we met amazing women who dreamed of owning their own businesses, and finding more financial freedom, but something kept holding them back. That something? They were trying to do life the way they thought they were "supposed" to ... instead of finding what their pas­sions and dreams were calling them to do.


Our mission is to help you build your business in a way that is authentic to you and provides true happiness (even, dare we say, BLISS). With amazing resources, trainings, courses, and a real community of like-minded women, we are here to help you and your business thrive. But most importantly, we want to support you to keep showing up as the Boss Babe [and Mom] you were meant to be!


In my early 20’s I decided to step into the Salon and Spa Industry as a Stylist and educator.  I loved my job and traveled US building my clientele, training Stylists and Salon Owners.

A few years into my career, I met my husband and started a family. Here’s the thing: I had always planned on being a Mom, but suddenly I found myself torn between my career and my desire to be full time mother. I decided the answer was to quit my job to stay at home with my kiddos. Fast forward 4 years, and I was lost. Bliss was not in my vocabulary.

I was struggling to find myself in this world of diapers and toddlers. I decided there had to be a way to merge my 2 passions: MOM & ENTREPRENEUR. Shortly after, I was introduced to Network Marketing.  Never in my life did I think I would choose a career path running a "stay at home biz". In fact I used to make fun of people that did (my bad). But as I became more open, I realized so many women were in the same boat as me — searching for their version of bliss in the world of motherhood and not sure how to create it.

I had to ditch all the "naysayers" (which were mostly really close friends, go figure) and embraced my new profession. I mean really, what other business can you start with minimal financial investment from HOME, that can yield such incredible results? Needless to say, Network Marketing became the best thing that ever happened to our family! I started coaching and training families all over the world on how thrive physically, emotionally, and financially. Within a year, I was able to retire my husband and create a multiple 6 figure income for our family.


I’m now a mom of 6 amazing little humans all while leading a global team of ambitious, passion driven women who truly love what they do and mentor hundreds of individuals on how to create a life they love!


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Even though being a mother was always on my checklist, that never stopped me from creating all kinds of side hustles and businesses. I mean, at one point I had a bow business and I’ve even been a freelance transcriptionist! 

Even though being an entrepreneur was my passion, I also had a dream to help others in a more meaningful way. So with young kids in the wing, I went back to school to finish my degree in teaching. Then came the best part: I became an Elementary School Teacher! I loved working with children, being part of their journey and knowing I was doing something that made a difference. However, as my children started getting older, I wanted to be home with them more. I wanted the freedom to be able to attend their field trips or assemblies, to care for them when they were sick, and help in their classrooms. 

As much as I loved my teaching gig, the answer for me was to step back into my true Bliss….being an Entrepreneur! But this time, I wanted to make sure I was also doing something I was passionate about:  helping others, and making a difference. I mean, making bows is fun and all but…. 

In just a few short years of dreaming BIG, I’ve been able to create a stay at home business empowering and coaching women all over the globe to pursue their passions and dreams, while not sacrificing what’s most important to them…family!


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