You are an organizational force to be reckoned with. When it comes to analysis and strategy, you're the one to call! Your most blissful business is one that allows you to dream while awake:  you see every step that you need to take to achieve success. 

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You are a


Amazing traits of The Planner

  • Analyzing: You look at all the information before deciding on the right path for yourself. 

  • People are Drawn to You: Because of your natural teaching ability, others look to you for advise or mentorship. 

  • Natural Teacher: You not only love to learn new things, you enjoy teaching others about what you've learned.

  • Entrepreneurial: You enjoy finding and creating new ideas into something tangible.

  • Connected: You enjoy meeting others and helping to connect people and ideas together.

  • Systems: You work your best when things are organizes and systemized. You may also enjoy creating the system yourself.

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The Planner Profile explains... 

  • What you're drawn to

  • Your natural talents

  • Things to watch out for

  • Next steps to take  

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How to utilize your unique Business Style (we have lots more info the share with you)

How to work with that person that you just don't get (guess what, they probably have a different Business style...).

How take action and set a 90-day goal plan (incorporating your unique business style so can start feeling some BLISS).

Hi, I'm Terese and a fellow Planner!

"I have to be honest, the first time I learned about my business style I was disappointed. Although, I knew these things about myself, I wasn't quite sure how to utilize them for being a Leader and Boss Babe. But the more I have learned, the more I have come to really LOVE my strengths and embrace them in my business. And by learning about my team members' strengths, has helped me know how we can all work together in our unique ways to really create an amazing business that we all enjoy!"

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What's Included

Video Lessons
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