You are a

Trail Blazer

You not only take charge, you lead the charge. Your most blissful business is one you create a vision, inspire and influence others, and foster success -- not just for yourself, but for your team.

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Hey Girl, if your first thought when you read your result was,

whoa…they have my business style pegged

keep scrolling...

We are here with the lifeline you've been looking for...

We felt the same way when we discovered what our unique business style was, so we created a course to help you navigate the results of your quiz and give you even more resources for your toolkit! And the best part, we will teach you how to work with someone with a different business style (you know, that one person that you just DON'T understand and wish you could reach better)! We're ready to share all of what we have discovered with you. 

Get Ready, You'll Learn

How to utilize your unique Business Style (we have lots more info the share with you)

How to work with that person that you just don't get (guess what, they probably have a different Business style...).

How take action and set a 90-day goal plan (incorporating your unique business style so can start feeling some BLISS).

What's Included

Video Lessons
Grab your favorite drink and watch each video on demand! You'll receive some amazing insight into your Biz Style and more! 
Gorgeous workbooks with tools to help you start implementing what you've learned and even help you create a 90 day action plan! 
Unlimited email support as well as additional guidance and discounts on new Courses and Memberships!

Trail Blazers have some amazing traits 

  • Big Vision Thinking: You probably have lots of dreams and ambitions that drive you or itching for you to start. 

  • People are Drawn to You: Because of your natural leadership ability, others look to you for advise or mentorship. 

  • Creator: Whether you create a business or many projects, you love the excitement and creativity of coming up with something new.

  • Independent thinker: You like the freedom of creating your own path both in business and life.

  • Passionate: Because you are a visionary, your passion exudes you and is contagious to others.

  • Competitive: You work your best when you're competing against others or yourself towards a goal or prize.

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The Trail Blazer Profile explains.. 

  • What you're drawn to

  • Your natural talents

  • Things to watch out for

  • Next steps to take

Hi, I'm Dani and a fellow Trail Blazer!

"The first time I was introduced to this concept it blew my mind! Being a TrailBlazer, there were so many times in my business I felt misunderstood. I felt like in order to succeed, I couldn't quite be myself because that might be too much for someone. Or sometimes that I was too intense, or the best was when people pegged me for not being empathetic enough to lead a tribe!


Focusing on my unique Business Style has not only helped me understand myself in a more meaningful way (like girl, I have great things to offer and its ok that I may do it different than my biz partner!), it also helped me relate with my leaders in a way I never thought possible. It was almost like we finally all "got" each other. Since that day, my business has not only thrived but I have been able to step into who I AM and lead in my business with true authenticity."

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